Hello everyone! I am thrilled to have you visit with me and I hope you enjoy your stay. I absolutely love company, sharing, and making new friends so I hope you find something here that inspires, motivates, or just pleases you in some way.

Of course, I love to visit and be inspired also. So if I don't already drop in on you, please let me know where I can find you and I'll hop on over to see what you're doing or to just say "hi".

Before you go, I would love it if you'd please leave me a comment letting me know you dropped in! Actually, I'd just love to hear from you -- comments, opinions, or questions you'd like me to answer.

In the meantime, relax and make yourselves at home... you're family here!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TREASURE PROJECT 4: The Buttons, Again!!!

Okay, everyone, I'm back with another project using the buttons!

As much as I tried and wanted to yesterday, I just couldn't get into my crafting (or anything for that matter) but I really did want to and so I made an attempt!  Unfortunately, I don't think my project came out anything like I'd planned and I also think it looks unfinished; maybe you can help me.  Here's the project:

My intent was to design a Christmas card ornament that could be hung from a tree or as a Christmas decoration.  Given the mood I was in, I'm surprised I even got this far...

Again, I used one of the buttons from my treasures and this time I used an image of a poinsetta in the center and filled it with resin that I'd mixed glitter into.  (It's difficult to see the poinsetta in the button because the glitter makes it look a bit cloudy in the picture.)  I then made a bow of gold mesh ribbon, centered the button on the bow, and added a gold cord for the hanger.  I added matching rub-on poinsetta's on the bottom sides of the card and covered them with Glossy Accents to give them some dimension, and finished the card off with the words and star accent rub-ons.  I don't recall the name of the paper but I do know it was from a paper pack from Big Lots.

In my thoughts this was to be a finished card but it's missing something; I'm just not feeling whatever the problem is with this card project so please provide me your suggestions!

I'll be seeing you!



Hello, all my wonderful friends!  I hope you're all well.

I would like to thank all of you that responded to my post on yesterday.  I hope I didn't alarm anyone because I'm actually fine, only going through what I think are some hormonal changes -- LOL!!!

I do, however, want you to know I appreciate you all being there for me, and offering your warm and soothing comments.  I feel so very honored to have such friends far and near  -- who are friends -- though I've never met many of you.  It meant so much to me to read your words and take comfort in them.

Thank you!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Good Monday, everyone.  I trust you all had a wonderful weekend.

I spent some time blog-hopping and quietly visiting this weekend, and I love all the wonderful projects  you've done.  I might not have commented on every project, but I did get an opportunity to browse and look over some projects I'd previously missed.  So, in case you thought I wasn't around, I was lurking mainly in the background.

This card I'm featuring today is one that I haven't done in quite some time.  I think they're beautiful cards and I absolutely love making them.  I love the look in the eyes of people when they receive them because a look can often times say more than words:

However, I did this card more for myself because I've felt a bit out-of-sort and kind of melancholy this weekend; things just haven't gotten as back to normal as I'd like for them too -- little tiny things.  Although nothing I can actually pin-point, or enough to complain about or interfere with anything, I can feel them and can't shake the irritating feeling.  Well, I won't bore you further with that because like I said it just a "bit" out-of-sort feeling and, otherwise, there's nothing whatsoever wrong in my life at the moment.  Maybe I'm just having a senior moment.

I hope you like my card, and if you're feeling a little "odd" these days than maybe (I hope) my card can help boost you too!

I'll be seeing you!


Friday, August 27, 2010


Foreward to my followers:  I have, hopefully, caught-up with all your blogs; however, because the information is not available on your member log-ins , there are followers I have not been able to locate both recently and over time (altho I've searched for you).  If I have never, at any time, contacted you it is because I do not know how to reach you.  Therefore, if you have never received a post comment and/or email from me, please let me know whether you have a blog or website, or an email address available where I can contact you.  I love for all my followers to know, personally, I appreciate them being there for me!

Happy, happy Friday, friends!!!  Another weekend, hopefully filled with creative fun projects to come!!!

I have a project today that I'm calling candle magic, however, it's really just another recycled candle/card project.  I looked at an old candle and thought how I hadn't did a candle project in a while, so I did one and it was fun!  LOL!

I found these really pretty napkins, grabbed a glass square and the candle:

After I finished decoupaging the candle and card, I added the embellishments and here's what I got:

I get these glass squares from a friend of my DH who owns a glass company.  He often takes his scraps and cuts them into squares for me to use as coasters, but you can find plain glass candle holders usually in your dollar store.  The embellies are just some buttons, lots of brush-on glitter, and a large oval bead.

I think I can come up with someone who might like to receive this as a gift!

That's it for now, but I'll be back!!!  Which, of course, means...

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

TREASURE PROJECT 3: The Metal Buckles

Happy Thursday morning, everyone!!!  I hope everyone's doing well and awaiting a creative and fun fast approaching weekend!

Of course, I'm back with another project from my treasure find, this is number 3 in this series.  I don't know exactly what these are called so I'm going to refer to them as metal buckles:

This project took a bit of thought because I had several ideas but I decided on this project.   I think you will all like it; I love it!  Of course, I couldn't wait for it to dry completely or get it cleaned up before letting you see it, I'll do that later, so you might not want to do any close-ups!

First I gathered together a few materials:

These items are:  epoxy resin, small gold roses, a string of beads, and white buttons with gold trimmings(which are also from my treasure find), and this is what it became:

I slid my favorite Akoya pearl necklace through the back and viola!!!

Ummmm, I think I might do a pair of matching earrings and a pin!  Well..., I really hope you like it as much as I do!

I'll be back later using another of this button and resin for another project, so I'll see you then!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hello, all!  And a happy Tuesday to you!

Several days ago, I promised to make my friend Queen Pam a sampler embroidery project for pointing out to me that I didn't share an embroidery project I did for my son.  As I mentioned, I hadn't thought to post the "project" because I considered it just that!  More a chore than a creative, fun project.

This was initially to be a "token" embroidery project with Queen Pam's name; however, I started thinking, what's a queen without her crown and jewels -- right?  So, I searched the internet and found a simple crown to embroider, added some rhinestones, and here's the project:

I've made these little bags before with other materials and they're great for tossing loose change or small toiletry/cosmetic item into; however, this is the first time I've embroidered (or sewn) vinyl and I'm not sure I like it too much for embroidery.  I found the vinyl in the scrap bin at Walmarts for 60 cents and it was only about 1/4 yard (if that much).  After I saw it is when I thought to do a little sampler bag for Pam -- worth a try at that cost, and if it didn't turn out... nothing lost.  I pretty much put the bag together in about 45 minutes because I wasn't sure how it would turn out or if I'd like working with vinyl.  I do think I'll be practicing working more with vinyl, and taking a little more time, to do these little bags and some bigger ones too!  (Hate you can't iron it!)

Let me know what you think!  I sure hope Pam likes it! 

Monday, August 23, 2010


Good morning, friends!!!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that this beginning to your week will end up being a perfect one!

Before I introduce the next project from my treasure finds, I want to thank my friend Ohhh Snap.  She'd left me on her blog the "Cherry On Top" blog award which I picked up when I returned from vacation.  I should have mentioned it sooner but I've been working  to catch up on things in general and, so, kept putting it off.  I have added Ohhh Snap's name to the "Cherry On Top" award listing on my sidebar.  Again, thank you Ohhh Snap and I'm honored you passed this award on to me.

Okay, now let's see what I've done with something else from my treasure finds; this time using the rings:

I chose to put several of them together and I came up with this (and, NO, it's not a mini-picture frame; although it could be):

I decided it would be the cutest little matching recipe holder for the mini recipe box and cards I made to go along with it!!!  This one:

And, just in case you're thinking it doesn't seem to have much room for writing...  well, if you can't fit everything on the front of the card, flip it over and use the back -- LOL!!!

I really like this one!  Hope you do too!

Well, I'm off to do some visiting, then get started on that little embroidery project for Queen Pam, and on to do some more crafting!!!

I'll be seeing you soon!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

TREASURE PROJECT 1: First Set of Cabachons

Hi, friends and family!!!

I'm back with the first of my found treasure projects I had an opportunity -- yeah!!! -- to start today!

I started with this set of cabachons:

I then grabbed some ribbon and and some wire and turned them into a flower, a bow, and a head pin:

And, these finally completed this family photo album:


The book started from a plain photo album I purchased at a dollar store, removed the hardware from,  and covered inside/out using coordinating cardstock papers.  See here it is:

I added an old frame I had around the house, used some old lace to frame the book, added a few silk flowers and a rub-on to embellish!  Now I have a beautiful album ready for my first scrap page -- whenever I get the nerve to do that -- LOL!

Okay, so tell me what you think!!!

Well, stay tuned because, like I said, I'm on a roll!!!


Hello, everyone!

And what a great Saturday for me because I've started crafting!!!  But I do have an apology to make.  I received a comment from my blogging friend, Queen Pam, asking to see the shirts I completed for my son.  Unfortunately, my son picked the shirts up several hours before I read the comment from Queen Pam.  So, at this time, I would like to offer an apology because I'm always boasting about how I love to share and yet I didn't even consider the shirts as something to share.  Now that it's been brought to my attention they were, I can only say this was a "JOB" for me and nothing I took any pleasure from; therefore, it never occurred to me or crossed my mind to post not even one of the shirts.  My focus was on getting them done so I could get something fun for me -- crafting!  And, neither did I think to consider anyone would want to see  them.  Although there was nothing particurly interesting about them, just plain white shirts with the name of their lodge and the member's name on them, I really should have thought you might like to see them and I'm sorry I didn't.

HOWEVER, because Queen Pam did show an interest in seeing my embroidery "work" by requesting to see the shirts, and because I didn't have the sense of mind to show them, what I will do is a small personalized embroidery project for her and post it here.  (Queen Pam, I will comment on your blog when I have your project completed and posted.  Your name "Queen Pam" will be embroidered on the project and, if you like it and don't mind sending me your mailing address, I will mail it to you.)

The project for Queen Pam will serve, at least, as a project allowing you all to see my embroidery and as gratitude to her for making me realize my embroidery is still a craft regardless how I feel about a particular embroidery project.  I would like to say, in my defense, I do love my embroidery but I enjoy it more when I'm working on projects that are fun to me -- this wasn't and, honestly, I'm glad I'm done with them!

Agan, my apologies to all of you for my oversight and failure to post the shirts.  If Queen Pam hadn't asked, I would never have given it another thought.  I wished she'd asked sooner.  Hopefully, I won't make the mistake of  not thinking and/or making an assumption to share something with you again.

Now I'm off to finish a project!!!  I'll be back later to post!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hello, everyone!!!  Hope all's well!!!  Wanted to drop in to say hello and...

Can you believe as of now I have completed 23 shirts?!!!  So far only had 1 other problem with the threads burring under the plate and now I have only 9 more to go!!!  I'm feeling much more confident that they'll be done waaaay before Saturday evening (so is my son); actually I'm hoping, and praying, to finish them tonight!!!  Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Does it seem like I'm in a hurry?  Yes, I am!!!  Why?  First of all, as of right now I don't care if I ever embroider anything again in my life -- this is becoming monotonous and I'm sick of it!!!  LOL!!!  Second, since my darling son had me digging through boxes for the threads to begin this "project" I remembered I had some old things in shoeboxes at the bottom of several material boxes, so I decided to dig down in the boxes to find them.  (Yes, I keep materials and threads, and other miscellaneous sewing supplies in large boxes and store them in the basement storage room because I don't have anywhere else to put them!  I kind of went crazy buying a whole bunch of stuff when I got my first machine)  Anyway, here are just a few of the treasures I managed to find as a result of my search:

Here are a few closer views:

And there's more, all kinds of stuff!!!  Because I haven't did any sewing since last year, I just didn't think about this stuff and when I did run across it my mind was just too occupied to think "CRAFTING"!  I think finding this stash is the only thing I appreciate about my son asking me to do this "project" -- LOL!!! --    because instead of using it for sewing projects, I definitely see crafting projects!!!  My mind is absolutely spinning and I'm so excited I can hardly wait to get started.  I have all these wonderful ideas working in my head just looking at these.

Most of this I didn't buy, of course.  I was stuff that belonged to my grandmother who was an excellent seamtress, and all this would have been tossed had it not been for the fact I did like to do some sewing and thought I could use this stuff, but like I said I really didn't see it to give it any thought at the time as craft materials --- where in the world was my head?!!!  As soon as I pulled this stuff out, bells started going off in my head!  If my mom had tossed this stuff then, I probably wouldn't have missed it as I probably wouldn't have thought about it anymore; but I'm so glad now I kept what my mother referred to as junk!!!  (Nope, my mom didn't sew and she wasn't crafty.)  Ahhhh, well this "junk" sure looks like sweet treasures to me right now!

Stay tuned to see what these will become!!!  I don't even know yet and I can't wait!  And, I've got to search for the rest!!!

P.S. I think this will be one of those nights I won't get a wink of sleep -- LOL!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hello, all!  I guess you thought I'd deserted you, huh?  Well, I didn't.  Unfortunately, I've been unable to get to posting and/or my crafting because I was commissioned by my son and his lodge brothers and sisters to embroider some shirts for an upcoming event they're sponsoring.  It seems the person who was supposed to sew/embroider handmade shirts for them had a situation and couldn't do them.  So, of course, my son pleaded with me.  Of course they won't be handmade shirts as they were to have been (I wish I were that good at sewing); we had to run around to  find suitable shirts in the appropriate sizes for everyone so I would only have to embroider their names on them as well as the name of their lodge.  I really don't want this assignment, I'd rather be crafting, but my son and his friends really needed my help and well... what's a mother to do?!!!  Anyway, I'm stuck with having 31 shirts to complete by Saturday night and so far I've only done 13.  And, wouldn't you know, I've messed up 3 already with burrs.  I think we got 7 extras so I hope I don't keep having this problem.  The upside of doing this though is now I won't have to bother asking the DH for money to have my car tuned up -- LOL!

Also, I wanted to say "Wow", you guys have certainly been busy!!!  I have been sneaking in and out visiting with as many of you as I've been able to and leaving comments, but being so far behind already it's really difficult catching up particularly as no sooner than I've visited you you already have another project(s) posted.  I've browsed to see a lot of work without leaving comments on everything because it's so time consuming and I'm still trying to work my way around between embroideries; but please know that I've been to see most of you, and I'm trying to work my way around to the few I have not visited yet.  Hopefully, I'll have these shirts done sooner to later, so I can get back to my crafting and have a project to post soon (I have an idea in mind I can't wait to start on).

Anyway, we do have a winner for the game contest.  First, I'd like to thank those of you who played with me, I always enjoy making you work -- LOL! Ohhh, I'm only kidding!

The hubby and I vacationed in Las Vegas and California -- by the way -- I won about $350 on the penny and nickel slot machines.  I've only played the slots several times before and I'm not a gambler or an enthusiast (I'll have to ask Sandy about getting hooked); I usually only play to pass the time and keep cool, but I did get extremely excited because it's the first time I've ever won!  No, of course, I didn't loose it back!!!  I kept every nickel and penny of it!!!  LOL!  For the 3 people who mentioned one or the other of our vacation spots (in this order):
  1. Treefrog of Binky Blossoms- Las Vegas
  2. Beatriz of Amazing Grace - California
  3. Jean of Jean's Craft Corner - California
And by random generator the winner was number 3:

Jean, congratulations!!!  You've won the Best Occassions Quick Page paper pack:

Jean, please leave a comment with a mailing address for me to send out your prize (your comment will not be publicly posted).

Well guys, thank you all for your patience with me here.  I'll be dropping in on you periodically as I can until this "job" is completed and then I'll be back to you as soon as I can.  Please wish me luck with getting these shirts done!  I'm going to need it and a lot more because I'm already getting frustrated -- LOL!

Love you all!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello, all my wonderful friends!!!  I'm back and you can't imagine how much I missed you, your projects,
and my crafting!!!

Actually we returned late on Friday and Saturday morning when I jumped up to log onto my blog I found out I didn't have internet, televsion, or telephone service because AT&T U-verse was doing maintenance work on the lines in the Illinois area -- it's unbelievable to me that it could take allllllll day, but it did.  Anyway, I couldn't get to you earlier today either because after church I went to check on some senior relatives and other family to make certain they were okay. I wanted peace of  everyone was as all right as they said and, if you've kept up with the news you know, until today, Chicago's been under a heat advisory.  Although I don't think it was nearly as hot and/or humid as it was where we vacationed, for seniors these brutal temps can be devastating...  well, you know.  Anyway, I'm happy to say all's well; everyone is fine and comfortably tucked away indoors under their air conditioners!

Now for my good-good news!!!  Look what was waiting for me when I came home -- and what a wonderful welcome home surprise as I didn't expect it to get here so soon:

Yes, it's my Teresa Collins' Stamp Making Machine!!!  I told you I was going to get it and I'm so excited about it!!!!  I actually tried it yesterday and, of course, I had a perfect stamp -- that really works -- in about 5 minutes!!!  It's absolutely wonderful and unbelievably easy!!!  I'll let you know when I use my stamp on a project.

In the meantime, the hubby and I had a wonderful vacation, despite the heat -- we were in temps in access of 100 degrees.  The heat doesn't affect the hubby too much but it definitely tends to zap me of a lot of energy, so I wasn't as enthusiastic as he was about being out and about in the weather as he was-- and the man loves being OUT and ABOUT!!!  But eventhough I tried as best I could to spent as much reading and relaxing time in our hotel rooms under the air conditioning to avoid the heat as much as possible, my loving hubby refused to leave me for long alone and pulled me away from our nice cool rooms more than I would have liked at the time.  However, he knows me and once I was out I had a great time, as I always do!  Which brings me to "Game Time"!!!! 

Ready?  Okay, here we go.  I never told you where the hubby and I were going on vacation, did I?  Well, we actually visited two (2) different states spending 4 days in one state and 3 days in the other.  Here's where "game time" comes in because I'm not going to tell you where we went, you have to guess.  Of the two states we visited, you must guess one of the states, doesn't matter which, and leave me a comment with your response (only one response per person).  The person who correctly guesses one of the two states the hubby and I visited by Wednesday, August 18, will win a 20 page pack of 12"x12" embossed quick scrapbook papers by Best Occasions.  I'll post a picture of the paper pack on Wednesday after the winner is announced.  If there is more than one correct answer, I will list the runners-up and select the winner by Random Generator.

That's it, just leave me a comment on which of the 2 states is your guess that we visited.  And, this game is open to everyone who'd like to participate -- followers and viewers!!!  Good Luck!!!

Now I've got a LOT of catching up to do!!!  I'll be visiting each of you and checking in to see what you've been up to, and I still have to update my blog, edit/update my cut.files, and of course post projects; so I'm going to be very busy over the next several days.

NOTE:  Because there are so many of you and you've probably did a considerable number of projects over the last week, I may not be able to immediately comment on every project you've done since I've been away -- I'd never get around to all of you if I did.  So, in an effort to hopefully visit all of you before the week is out, please excuse me if I don't go through your entire week's projects when I visit you.  I know you'll understand that I really want to get to you all as soon as possible; however, over time I will revisit and get through all your projects.

Well, again, I really missed you all, glad to be back and...

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hello, all my friends!  Thank you to those of you who visited me for my debut today at Sheila's and for your comments, it means so much to me!  I was so nervous and I very much appreciated your support!  I do hope you liked my project!

I notice I have a few new followers and I'd like to welcome you!  You are at home here and I do hope you make yourselves comfortable.  Unfortunately, I'll be on vacation all next week, so I won't be here to entertain you until I get back; however, I do hope you hang around so we can get more acquainted.

I didn't want to slip away without saying goodbye to you before I left, and to thank you for all your well-wishes on my having a great vacation.  I did get an opportunity to visit many of you yesterday evening -- as many of you as I could get to.  I apologize to those of you that I missed and I promise to catch up with you as soon as I return.

Additionally, I mentioned a "game time" to you all on a previous post and that will be one of the first things I post when I get back, so stay tuned -- I hadn't forgotten.

Well, I 'm going to try to catch some shut-eye as we have to be up and out by 3 a.m. this morning!  I've been running the last several days without a lot of rest, and I don't want to begin my vacation with heavy baggy eyes -- LOL!

I'm really going to miss my crafting this and next week, and I'm really going to miss you!!!   But I'll be back!

Hugs, and I'll be seeing you!


Hello my wonderful friends, and thank you so much for coming out to support and encourage me on my debut as a Sassy Designer.  First, I'd love to thank Sheila for having me present my project on (and I know we all agree) her beautiful and talent filled blog -- I am happy and honored to be here!

I'm also posting particularly early this morning as I later have a lot of running around to do preparing for a vacation trip I'm leaving for very early Friday morning.

Because my project involved quite a few steps to complete, this may be pretty lengthy and I apologize for that; but I am going to try to get through it as thoroughly as possible so as not to bore you or turn Sheila's blog into a craft novel -- LOL!  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me by leaving a message on my blog:  http://cuteandsome.blogspot.com/  I'll respond as soon as I possibly can.

Let's begin by first having a look at my completed project, which is my version of a victorian inspired stationary holder.  This first view is with stationary in the holder:

Here I'm giving you a front and back-front view; notice both the covers show the decorative covered sides facing the front (not the back black covered sides):

Before I began this project, I first assembled what I wanted to use to embellish the front of the holder:

  1. Silk Fower - I made this using the candle buring technique with off-white material.  I then prayed the flower with expresso colored alcohol ink and burnt red Glimmer Mist, and embellished the edges with gold Stickles.
  2. Victorian Lady's Face - I resized and printed the face from an ephemera program I have (but you can easily find some on the internet if this holder inspires you to make one); I then covered the face with 3D Crystal Laquer to give it dimension.
  3. Plastic (flat bottom) Bead Ribbon - I purchased this at Walmart, cut it the length of the side of the CD I placed it on.
  4. Layered Feathers - I first sprayed the top feather with burnt red and tatered leather colored Glimmer Mists, and glued it to a plain white feather for effect.
  5. Love Label - I stamped the word "Love" on a strip of transparency with a black Versamark inkpad and traced over the word with  lavendar colored Stickles;  I then placed the word over a leftover piece of the paper used for the CD covers and trimmed the label around the word.
  6. Tulle - One (1) 12" long strip cut, folded, and fanned out along the top folded edges. (Cut off excess tail when and where needed after attaching to cover behind flower)
  7. A purchased crystal star sticker which I tried to give a more aged appearance by rubbing litely with the expresso alcohol ink.
  8. Cabachon/Cameo - purchased from the Dollar Store; it was attached to a hair band.  I probably won't use this but I'm putting it here just in case I need extra adornment.
Now to get started on the holder.  Starting with two (2) old/used CD's I traced and cut out the covers for the 2 front CD's by using one of the CD's.  The cardstock covers for the front of the CD's I made by scanning  and printing out some old sheet music I have around the house onto plain white cardstock.  For the back covers, I traced and cut out 2 black cardstock covers:

To give the front covers an aged look, I sprayed them with burnt red and tattered leather color Glimmer Mists:

 I swiped the edges of the front covers with the antique linen color Distress Inkpad around the edges, and then litely swiping pad randomly on the covers:

Next I stamped a spiral design on the covers using Versamark ink and covered the ink with gold embossing powder:

Removed excess powder from image and paper, and dried powdered image with my heat gun:

To bring out the aged look on the front covers, I went along the outer edges with rust and gold colored Stickles:

Lastly, attach/glue front and back covers to each CD (I use modge podge because I think it adheres the paper to the CD better than most glues -- it doesn't separate paper from CD due to heat or cold).

Set your CD's aside and let's move on the the construction of the holder bases;   I cut 1 pressboard/cardboard square 3.50" x 1.75", this will be the base that secures the CD's together to hold the stationary; cut another pressboard/cardboard square 3.50" x 3.75", this will be the bottom base for the holder.  I completely covered each base by gluing black cardstock to them:

Next I arranged (to my liking) and added the embellishmets to the front cover of one of the CD's.

I then added the first base, the stationary base (3.50" x 1.75"), by aligning and gluing it (using a very strong glue such as Crafters Pick and/or hot glue) near the lower bottom edge of the CD where the longer ends of the base meets the edges of the CD on the back of the CD cover.  This should be about 3/4 down the back of the CD.  (If you make this holder, make sure before gluing on the base, the cover of the CD is aligned properly -- wouldn't want the base to end up at the top or side of your front cover):

Lastly, I glued the other (back) cover to the base making certain both CD's are evenly aligned to each other. I now have the base that holds my stationary.   Caution:  If you make this holder, because you'll want both front-side covers to be facing to the front, make certain the front cover on the back is facing the back cover of the front cover (embellished side) before gluing in place.  

Finally I added the last bottom base which will add more security to the entire holder at the very bottom by  gluing the front and back CD's in the middle along the length of the bottom base (3.50" x 3.75"): 

That's it!!!  Place your holder upright and just add your stationary!!!  No, the pedestal isn't part of the project but the holder does look nice perced on top of it, doesn't it?  LOL!!!  And I really didn't need the cabachon after all!

Again, thanks to Sheila and to you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed my project!

I'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hello all!!!

Have you ever had one of those days where you'd planned your day and then  ended up doing things for everyone else that weren't included in your plans at all?  Well, this was exactly the kind of day I had today!!!  I got up this morning with the intent of reviewing my project tutorial for my debut tomorrow, going to visit and check on my friend (who was released from the hospital yesterday and doing well), and spending the rest of the day crafting and visiting.  However, this is what happened, I got up and my dear hubby couldn't get on the internet on his computer and called me to try to figure out what the problem was (yes, he really thinks I'm his personal technician); of course, I lost hours only to find he was simply connected to the wrong network -- duh!  Next, and I mean with almost perfect timing after getting the hubby back online, my son called and asked me if I could help him with (which actually meant type it for him) his homework, a Powerpoint presentation 23 pages long!!!!  Instead of getting to my friend at around 11 a.m. as I'd told her, I got there at 2:21 this afternoon. And to top it off, my aunt called my cell phone and needed me to pick up her meds from the pharmacy and drop them off to her on my way home from my friend's -- they live on opposite sides of the city!!!  Of course I had to do that, my aunt is 89 years old -- I don't tell her "no, I'm too busy".

Of course, I just became too hysterical to even get frustrated over any of it; I think I should have known this would happen because I was just too much looking forward to today, yesterday!  So, I had a good laugh, shrugged it off and did what I had to do.

I just walked in the door a few minutes ago!  And I had to get here to remind you about my debut tomorrow at Sheila's; I really hope you all join me because I know I'm a wee bit nervous.

Now I'm going to go rush to get my hubby's dinner together, make certain my project tutorial is in order and, maybe, I can get in a few hours visiting with you.  I'm beginning to think I won't get any rest until I get BACK from VACATION!!!   LOL!  But, I still love my family dearly and I can't be upset because I know they would have done the same for me.

Unfortunately, I don't see getting any crafting done tonight and I have another full day tomorrow -- have to get my hair done, clothes packed, Buster back to his sitter's again, straighten up the house before I leave, etc., etc.!!!  Don't you just  hate it when someone/something interrupts your well-laid plans?!  Yep, I'm definitely going to need a vacation after I get back from vacation!!!

I'll be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow before I leave out on Friday morning for vacation!

Hugs and smooches, and...

I'll be seeing you!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello, all my friends and family!!!  I hope all's well!!!

First I'd like to apologize for being so late in getting back to you.  However, when I got home Sunday, thoroughly exhausted, I found out a friend had been admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery, so I called my sitter to make certain Buster could stay with her a "bit" longer and immediately rushed to the hospital to be with my friend.  Today, I had to pick up Buster and get clothes from the cleaners preparing for our vacation trip this week -- and back to the hospital to check on my friend who is progressing well.  At this time, knowing all is sunshine in my world and that I don't have to worry, I'm absolutely exhausted but I feel happy and fulfilled.

Okay, about CHA!  Unfortunately, I only took one (1) picture at CHA and even that one came out blurry, so I know you'll be disappointed in me for not bringing you back any pictures -- so sorry.  Between all the classes I'd scheduled at the show, and trying to get to the Show floor to see all the new products and make purchases, I was a happy "wired" maniac by the time it was all over!!!  I was so busy running, I literally didn't have a moment to stop and take pictures (well, I probably did have just a moment but I didn't want to forfeit  any little bit of time between my next classes then trying to see everything in the showroom and buy as much as I could).  The next time, I will not schedule so many of the classes because it really left me with not enough time on the showroom floor!  I wanted to buy more, more, more!!!  You wouldn't believe how much stuff I got that I probably won't use; my dear hubby can't believe how much money I spent for all the stuff I got -- LOL!!!  Mostly papers, inks, glitters, stamps, kits, etc.; small things but a LOT of stuff!   Good for me my hubby's a sweetie!!!

And, all the walking!!!  I have a really bad back and I haven't did as much walking as I did those 2 days at CHA in ages!!!  Even in pain, I refused to sit and take a break!!!  Does that tell you something?!!!  It was great and even though I'm paying for it now, I can't wait for the next one!

I did get to meet several blogging friends while I was there too:  Donna of Popsicle Toes; Kim of Olive Juice Studios, and Diane of Capadia Designs.  It was so exciting to meet friends face-to-face I'd only previously been able to communicate with through blogging!!!   And, they were all just as wonderful as I knew they'd be!  Everyone was so friendly and it was really a great time! 

(Psst!  She probably won't appreciate my telling you this but Donna (Popsicle Toes) referred to me as short, but did you guys know she's only about 4 feet tall?  Ha--haaa---heee!  Donna, if you read this, I love you girlfriend!)

I was disappointed though that the Teresa Collin Stampmaker I was so looking forward to purchasing was only being made available to retailers at the Trade Show; it was not presented at the Craft Show and, therefore, I did not get an opportunity to purchase it.  Of course I'm not giving up, I'm ordering it!  LOL!

As far as the Imagine, it's fabulous!!!  But I'm not happy that you can't use it with Design Studio and it won't
cut your heavier materials such as vinyl, pressboard, etc. that the E will cut.

Well, I'm going to try to get some rest because I've been going-going almost non-stop since I left for CHA and now I'm about gone!  Tomorrow I'll be working on my project for my debut as a Sassy Designer on Sheila's blog on Thursday.  I'll get back to you before then to make certain you have the address!  I don't think I'll have much time to sneak in a project before Thursday because I really want to try to catch up on my visiting with as many of you as I can before I leave again, but I'll try!  Until...

I'll be seeing you!

P.S.  When I return from vacation, I'll be posting a "Game Time", so keep up and be on the look out for that.  More info on that when I get back from vacation!!!  Hugs!