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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hello, all -- happy Wednesday!!!

Sorry, I've no project for today; I had some other "personal" things which took priority -- but several  "non-personal" priorities too:  to prepare the  DT project I'll be presenting to you tomorrow over at Sheila's (which I'd almost forgotten), so I'll have that finished up some time today; and, still trying to catch up on some visiting.  I don't think I've gotten around to everyone but it's not for lack of trying.

However, I do have something to share.  As I mentioned on my earlier post, I received an award from two (2) wonderful and special friends:  Sandy and Lori M.  Ladies, thank you so much for this beautiful award:

Before I pass this award on, here are the terms under which this "Green Blend" Award is to be given:

1.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who has helped your blog in any and all ways.

2.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who has cheered you along in your blog building, craft advancing career.

3.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who always stops by and is kind to you. you can count on them to always be one of the great comments at the end of your posts.

4.) This award is to be given to 3 to 5 Blends whom you feel meet the listed requirements.

5.) Create a post with the terms of use and publish your Blends of Choice.

6.) Blend of choice may copy the award from your blog and proudly post it on theirs.

7.) Blend of choice may continue the kindness by issuing this award to keep the circle forever growing.

Of course, giving this award out is the most difficult of the terms because the terms apply to just about all of you.  However, in trying to cooperate (this time), I've minimized my list to 5 beautiful family-friends, although I would love for anyone who'd like to have it to post it to their blogs noting it's from me...lol!!!:

2.  Patti J
4.  Susan
5.  ScrapCrazyyyy

Thank you everyone, always, for your continued love and support -- it's right back at ya!!!

I'd also like to pass on another award.  This award was made especially for me by my extraordinarily talented blogging brother, Bobby , to pass on as I saw fit; such a time has come.  Recently I was aware of some family-friends either being ill or on the mend, or have had unpleasant experiences and who could use some cheering up.  With hopes that this will make them feel better and to know someone cares, I would like to pass on my very own "You Truly Bless Me" award:

Hope and prayers that each day gets sunnier and brighter to:

1.  Silvia
2.  Curt
3.  Lillie

If I've missed any one, I apologize, and please give this award for yourselves with my blessings!

Before I jump out of here, tomorrow is the day that Google will be disallowing anyone not on the Google platform.  I do hope all of my non-blogger family-friends do make it over to sign up on as a Linky Follower!

Well, that's all for the moment.  I do hope you'll join me tomorrow for my DT project -- either here or at Sheila's.

Hugs, and...

I'll be seeing you!


Kirsty Vittetoe said...


Susan said...

Thank you Audrey! Great minds think alike! I posted the exact same award today too and you are in my top 5! No need to repost the award here but I do hope you know how much I appreciate you! ;)


lovemypaper said...

Hello Audrey I have an award on my blog for you!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Congrats on your awards!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

You are so welcome my friend.. I hope you will be checking out my blog on the March 2, I am so excited...

girlia said...

Congratulations everyone on your award.

Ana Márquez said...

Oh, thank you, Audrey! Sorry I didn't see it before :-( I'm very busy lately and don't have much time to visit my friends blogs :-(

You're so generous. I cannot understand all your words (you know, my English is very poor :-) but I can understand your lovely heart.

Ops, it seems that there's a little problem with the link you've put here, the complete URL of my blog is:


it's a little complicated, I know, haha, I'm so sorry.

I'm going to save your award and I will added it to my awards page when I create it in my blog, ok? I hope that I can do it soon.

Thanks, thanks, thanks and many kisses from the far Spain!! xoxoxo

"Um Buggin" said...

Audrey, you are an Angel! Thank you so much for always being here for me and all of your friends. The world would be so much better if there were more friends like YOU!!!!!

Hugz, xx


Jean said...


Besthobbyeva said...

Congrats to you. Well deserved!!!


ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Audrey, thanks so much for the award, you are such a sweetie! I was going to pass it to you but you beat me to it! Thanks for being a fan of mine - you are a great friend. I appreciate all the comments you send my way. Your blog is so inspiring. I love all the techniques you use. Everything you make is so detailed and very well thought out.

Thanks for the award, I will be posting it on my blog asap!


Scrappin Sista said...

Thank you for this award Audrey!!

Brenda said...