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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Happy Saturday, friends!  I hope you are all getting ready for a wonderful weekend!

Hubby update:  He's feeling better -- yeah!!!  He always says I take really good care of him, so he's getting even more pampered and spoiled ( if that's possible!!! - LOL!)  He still has some discomfort, but the meds seem to, at last, be working.  Now all we have to do is get through today and tomorrow.  Thanks for your concerns, and please keep the prayers and well-wishes coming.  I am an optimist, so I just know all will be well!!! We WILL get a good progress report on Monday; besides I'm toooo "Blessed to be stressed..."

Alrighty then..., I have an Easter card to share with you.  Okay, so it seems pretty early; however, I've got Valentine and Mother's Day cards to make for my family, so I may as well get started on Easter too.  Now you know why I'm doing Easter cards, but what you don't know is that if you really, really, really like the praying hands on my card, I have a cut.file I can't wait to share with you -- if you want it!!!  First, take a peek at my card...

I did the praying hands using the George cart and the cross is from the Wedding cart.  The "Happy Easter" lettering is Plantin.

On the cut.file, there is a cross from Wedding and Indie Art (your choice);  the bible is from Wedding, and the words "Holy Bible" is from Blackletter.

Note:  When you cut you will need to make 2 cuts of the hands and cuffs.

Here's the inside of the card:

Well, that's it for now; but...,  I'll be seeing you!



flowerdisco said...

glad your hubby is doing better with all that pampering:)
I haven' start with my Vday ones yet less think of Easter <LOL you are a crafty machine dear. God Bless even more,

Anonymous said...



Jen said...

Nice card. Happy to hear your sweet hubby is doing better. Hopefully they'll be able to figure out what is ailing him. Stopping the pain is great but figuring out what causes the pain is important.


Anonymous said...

Love the card!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the praying hands!!!!! The description says there is a cut file, but I can't find it. If you are still offering it can you send it to me?

Brens Designs said...

Gorgeous card! Very inspiring!