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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Blog Update!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Sunday and a great weekend!!!  As things wind down, so am I.  I'm still getting over my friend Flowerdisco passing on an award to me -- ME!!!  Wow!

But I'm here now because I wanted to just say hello and to update you on the votes and the progress we're making.  As you can see, I now have 97 followers -- WELCOME!!!  So, I'm gaining momentum here -- YIPPEE!  This makes me so very happy.  Unfortunately, the voting process is not moving at a pace I'd hoped.  Here is where we are so far:

24 - actual votes with 2 sets of numbers duplicated (which, as of now, is equivalent to 2 ties and only one person can win),

8 - comments with no votes (followers must cast votes to be eligible for the blog candy), and

12 - new followers with no comments and/or votes (although I thank you, appreciate and accept you however you choose to follow)

In total, this is about half my followers already.  So with only 24 votes and only 3 followers left to go, I'm hoping not to have to do a random vote although it appears to be headed that way.  Or, maybe I can think of something else before I reach my happy 100!!!  Let me think about it!!!  But ALL my dear followers out here in blog land please vote!!!  You'll be picking the winner yourselves!!!  Again, all your votes will be published before the winner is selected and/or announced.  I'll get back to you and...,

I'll be seeing you!


Brenda said...

I guess I might not be understanding the voting thing....how do we vote?

Lori Apgar said...

OMG ~ you are soooo close to 100!! You will make it very soon!!

thkelly said...

Boy Audrey I sure thought you would have passed 100 and been on your way to 1000 LOL. Maybe put it on the MB and you'll probably get the 1000 LOL. I'm sticking with my #49 and again if I win I'll tell you why I picked that number LOL. When do we get to see a new work of art from you? Thanks for the chance and congrats to whoever wins!
Theresa K
mccadesmom at gmail dot com

craftymamma said...

i'm following you!! now i have to figure out how to vote:)