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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hello, guys!  I hope the last few days have been comfortable for everyone.

Since I decided to not publish the vote posts for a while, I thought I'd be fair and, at least, give you an update.  As of today, with 93 followers, this is where we stand in the voting process:

1.  there are 23 votes tallied with only one (1) number currently duplicated,
2.  three (3) followers who commented but did not cast a vote, and
3.  five (5) new followers who did not vote.

This is a total of 8 lost votes.  Even if you do not wish the blog candy, we could still use your votes, so PLEASE...!  With only 7 more followers to go, I am hoping more followers will get their votes in.

For the new followers, "Welcome"!  I am so glad you decided to be a part of my place and hope to see you often.  However, if you are unaware that you are now eligible to participate in the voting process for blog candy, please feel free to do so by leaving a comment.  You will find the instructions under the blog candy announcement.

The more votes, the better chance -- at this point -- of not having to do a random drawing.  I have contacted and invited as many followers as I could, so let's keep our fingers crossed that everyone gets their votes in!  Fortunately, we still have a bit more time!!!

For all followers, if you unaware, please understand you must cast a vote in order to be eligible for the blog candy.

Thanks all for your cooperation and participation!

In the meantime...,

I'll be seeing you!


thkelly said...

Hi Audrey, Just doing my few rounds and checking out my favorite blogs and I am surprised you don't have any of your wonderful creations done. Boy when you post it is going to be a doosey! LOL Well I will have some new cards posted either later or tomarrow so stop by and check out binkyblossoms and I'm going to drop my number pick and head on out. Have a Grand Day!
My # is 49
Theresa K at mccadesmom@gmail.com :o)

flowerdisco said...

Audrey, you are a very organized woman too.
Hey, I just remember about your cousin, where is her pic? My twin, remember? :)