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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hello, friends.  Well we've finally gotten to the weekend -- my favorite time of the week!  LOL!

Before I go on, I'd like to say "Welcome" to a new follower!  Thanks so much.  I hope you're comfortable here and drop in often!

I am feeling extremely honored as to have been passed on the Sunshine Award yet again.  This time from my friend happilyscrappin1 over at http://wildlywhimiscalcraftingloft.blogspot.com/  If you've never visited her blog, I would recommend you do so, you won't be disappointed.  Thank you, happilyscrappin1, I am just overwhelmed!!!  And you're a sweetie!

Well, here I go talking on and on again, but I have to say I really do feel the love that's passed on, not just in receiving an award, but in your comments and loyal following which also brings me your support and encouragement.  I, in turn, appreciate you, admire your projects, and extend my encouragement and support!   You're all wonderful people I love to visit with and I'm proud to call you my friends/extended family (...and I do actually refer to you that way when I'm discussing my blog with nonbloggers -- I want you to know that, and yes I'm being sassy when I say it.  LOL).  Now, if I haven't already visited all of you, I am working on getting there, okay?

So, as rules go, I will pass this award on to six (6) others, but invite all my followers that would like to post it on their blogs to know that I am absolutely willing to share and "show some love", so just grab it for yourselves. My friends without blogs, consider mine as yours too (and create a blog so I can work around to visiting you too!!!).   As usual, the choices are not an  easy decision, but here goes...

1. Linda - http://ladybuglair.blogspot.com/
2. Jen - http://jensbrainthings.blogspot.com/
3. Brenda - http://brensdesigns.blogspot.com/
4. Wife2TJ - http://ascrapaddictsblog.blogspot.com/
5.Gail - http://stkittsscrapper.blogspot.com/
6. Brenda - http://brendasjoy.blogspot.com/

Okay, I'm sure you ladies all know the rules:

1. You must pass this award on to six (6) other bloggers/followers

2. Link your nominees within your post
3. Let your bloggers/followers know you are passing this award to them by leaving a comment on their blog
4. Add a link to the blog of the person from whom you received this award (of course, that would be me)

By the way, I am still working on that video -uuuuughhh!!!  And, I may a new project to share later today; that is, if I can get it finished, so...

I'll be seeing you!


paperscissors said...

yet again i say...well desrved and your generous words to your followers is so very inviting! congrats to you!

Gail said...

I feel so honored to be featured. Audrey it means so much to me. I will try to be more involved in the craft world. I do to much crafting in my head and not on paper. Your site is awesome. I can spend hours on it. Love you and happy crafting. It is snowing in NJ today Saturday.

flowerdisco said...

Audrey, I made a video yesterday (6+min) and I even edited. I went to uploaded on blogger and it was taking over an hour so I canceled it (no patience here)but I will try it again today on You Tube or Blogger again.
Good Luck with yours, after a while of practicing is not that bad but time consuming.

Sparksgal said...

Hi Audrey - Please stop by my blog when you have a chance, I have something for you! Hugs, Jess

Jen said...

Thank you so much Audrey. You're a sweet, crafty, blogging friend and I'm so happy to know you. :)
I hope you're enjoying your weekend!
Happy crafting my friend!

Brenda said...

awwww thank you sooo much!!! and if you know me.... this brought me to tears !!!

Audrey Frelx said...

Thank YOU so much, you've given more this I would have asked for!

Wife2TJ said...

Thank you so much!!! I love your blog, and your designs, and you are such a wonderful person. I have been blessed to have gotten to know some wonderful blogging friends and you and our friend flowerdisco have become absolutely wonderful ones to me!!! :-)

Ladybug said...

Wow, Audrey, I am touched to receive another sunshine award. Thank you sooooo much! I will have to do the "blog" thing later tomorrow, as it's past midnight here. :-)