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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Primula Tea Gift Set

Happy Wednesday, all!!!  I hope you're all having a wonderful day, and that the weather and all else is just fine where ever you are.  Fortuately, today in Illinois the weather is just beautiful; I know it isn't going to last, but for today, it's great and I've very much enjoyed it!

Have you ever heard of Primula Tea? 

If not,  it's a green tea bulb that blooms into a lovely flower as it brews (and it tastes good too!).  Anyway, I have a relative who just loves tea and I decided this would be the perfect gift for her on her birthday. 

The 3-d cup on the top of the gift box is the creation of  "Nickiscardstockcreations" and I found it on her blog (thank you, Nicki).  The paper cup is actually holding 4 packs of tea bulbs. 

I drew and cut the out  the gift box (on my cricut using the George cart) to hold the glass cup.  I etched the cup with my relative's name, and to bring out the name, I rubbed over the etching with silver "Rub n' Buff". 

Now isn't this a great gift for a tea drinker?


Wife2TJ said...

That's such a WONDERFUL gift!!! Your so creative!!! She's going to love it! I love how you etched it and the little tea-cup holding the tea bulbs is precious! I know I can always come to your blog for inspiration!!! :-)

Brenda said...

OMGOSH I have NEVER heard of that tea...no way...really?! a flower blooms when brewed?! I have to do a google search on this!!
LOVE your etched glass and your cup holder awesome gift!!
sorry I been MIA life has been kinda crazy lately!!!

Joy said...

Oh Audrey....what a wonderful gift !!! Love the etching!! I have never heard of that tea either....but I will be looking for it now !!! TFS!!!
xoxo Joy

thkelly said...

Oh My Audrey I was just doing some blog hopping today and wanted to check to see how you were doing and looked at your archives and seen the post on tea and clicked and Love your etched tea cup and card. So cute and neat idea but I want to know more about this "blooming" tea. I like tea in the after noon and this looks interesting. I never heard of it before and would love to know where to purchase it. If you could tell me I would appreciate it. TIA and I'm going to leave my #49 again but please let me know where I can get the tea.
Theresa K #49
mccadesmom at gmail dot com