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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hello to all my friends out there!!!  YOOOU-WHOOOOO!  I hope all is well and that everyone who's been bombarded with snow in their part of the world is tucked away somewhere cozy, and not having to deal with it.  We're just starting to get ours now, but they've estimated it should only be 10-12 inches -- which is a blessing compared to what some of you got (20" to 27" - wow!).

And, again, welcome to my new followers!  I hope your visits are always enjoyable.  Because ALL of you have made it possible to help me as I grow my blog into a big girl, I will giving out blog candy when I reach 100 followers.  It's been such a pleasure sharing my crafts with you and watching the numbers grow!

In an earlier post, I promised when I reached 100 followers I'd have blog candy again and it's sooooo close now to that 100 that I think it's time to roll -- don't you?!.  I also mentioned that you'd be doing the voting, so the way this will go is that as of right now, I'm beginning a list of all my followers and I'll continue to do so until I reach 100.  I'll then take that list and jumble the names so they won't be in the same order as noted on my blog and change the names to numbers from 1 - 100; and here's where you come in, you'll pick a number and leave the number you selected under the blog candy posting/picture.The number with the most votes wins the blog candy!  In the event the numbers are consistent, 1 - 100, with no duplications, the draw will be random.  Now you don't know what your number will be so... get on your mark; get ready; set to vote!

RULES:  1) Must be a follower,  2) must have name and/or blogspot listed to your comment vote as you are noted/identified on the list of followers, 3) only one vote per follower, please).

Once I've reached 100 followers I will announce the deadline date for the last vote entry, and the winner will be announced the following day after all votes are counted.  So, let all your blogging friends and everybody else know, and let's get this thing going!!!

Here's the candy:
Mother's Day 2010 Cartridge, Paper, Ribbons, Stickles, Nestibilities, an Impressionability, Stamps, Stickers -- OH MY! 



shari said...

Audrey, What fun blog candy. Thanks so much for the chance. I'll pick 62 since that's how many followers I have right now. Shari (cricutrookie)

flowerdisco said...

what a great idea. I am going to say 37. Am I following the instructions right? something is telling me i am not. Let me know.

Lori Apgar said...

I would like to vote ~ or should I say I would like you to vote for me!!! I have been a follower for a while now (scrappinmystressaway) and you have always been so sweet with your blog love to me!!

Good luck with your quest for 100 followers!!!

Lori Apgar said...

Ok ~ so I did not exactly read everything so here is my vote ~ number 11 (eleven). scrappinmystressaway

magicwanda said...

Hi Miss Audrey
WOW what awesome candy......
I have picked number 8
Thanks and Hugs

Sheila said...

You have 81 followers right now, so it won't be too much longer and you will hit that big 100! Enjoy coming to visit!
Sheila former Woodstock, Illinois resident! Can be found at shesasassylady.blogspot.com

Love That Bug said...

Ohh.. I love candy and yours looks yummy. I am already a follower, here is my blog link.
And Audrey, congrats on almost reaching 100. ((I only have 10..LOL, but hopefully that will soon go up)
And the number I pick is (17)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Could I be the first to comment?? Yaaa! hmmmmm... 1-100? I'll pick 68. Thanks for the AWESOME blog candy!!

Love That Bug said...

Hiya Audrey,
I thought I posted a commented already. Guess not. LOL. (I must of been dreaming bout that sweet candy)
Anyhoo, here I am. I can't believe you are almost at 80 followers, I only have 10. But, hopefully will have more.
I really do enjoy your blog and make a point to come here everyday. So excited for ya.
Ok, ya said to pick a number. Mine is going to be the number (17)

Sparksgal said...

Wow - great blog candy. Congrats on nearing your 100 followers. I enjoy coming to visit your blog...you are very talented and creative. Thanks for being a follower of my blog as well and leaving me such sweet comments. :)

My vote for the winner of the blog candy is #32.

Toni said...

wow what wonderful blog candy again , congrats on so many followers , i'm not supirised your work is amazing you are so talented, i'm going to say #43

Ladybug said...

You have 83 followers, as of now, so they're building up fast. My # pick is "62". (just cuz!) ;-) Awesome blog candy!!

Hugs, Linda @ http://ladybuglair.blogspot.com/

Brenda said...

You are up to 83....gettin' closer!!!
Awesome candy!!
Brenda from brendasjoy.blogspot.com

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, guys! Hope all's well! Wanted to drop in to let you know that if you don't see your vote-comments here, I do have them. I am not publishing yet, I am trying to collect them for tallying before I post them for viewing. But your votes ARE safe!

Hugs to ya! And, of course, I'll be seeing you!

Vernetta said...

Hi Audrey!! I found your blog from my fellow Sista Alice B.!! Love all your creations so far!! I am not sure I understand the game rules... but I think I am supposed to pick a number? Well I pick 31...that is how old I will be on March 1st!! :o/ not sure how I feel about that but I can't stop it! My Name is Vernetta...check out my creations at my scrap blog! http://scrapinnovations.blogspot.com/

Ladybug said...

Hey there Audrey! You're pretty close -- 87 followers and counting! :-)

Very sweet of you to do this RAK. Someone is going to be verrrrry happy winning this li'l gem!

Cheers, Linda at http://ladybuglair.blogspot.com/

Gail said...

Audrey nice candy. Pls give me a chance to win....tacyn@comcast.net....or www.stkittsscrapper.blogspot.com

Joy said...

WOW....Thanks for the chance to win that GREAT candy!!!! Your at 87 now....good look reaching 100...I know you will!!
xoxo Joy

racinggrandma61 said...

Wel I knoiw that you are 1 closer because I am now a follower, Congrats,. I don't have a blog but I do a name lol #50


thkelly said...

Hi Audrey, I already am a follower and absolutely love all you creations! Love your blog candy and would love to win. I pick #49!
Theresa K

Jen said...

Congrats on nearly 100! that's great!
Hmmm... my vote is #3

Have a great day!

Gail said...

I don't know where to vote but I say #35.

Wife2TJ said...

Your almost there!!! I will guess number 12, I've just always liked that number. lol! Thanks for letting us play along, and have a chance to win some blog candy-Samantha :-)

(ps hope I am doing this right)

- - Sheryl - - said...

Hi Audrey, thanks for telling me about the candy, good luck to you!
I choose #63
I am a follower!
Thanks for stopping by blog too!

Kristina said...

What an interresting way to select a winner! I'm going to choose number 77, because I like sevens :)

paperscissors said...

number 57 i can't remember if i voted! my bad!

Treva said...

Only 10 more to go, you'll be there by midweek for sure. I'll send some other MB members this way. You do such great work, everyone should be a follower!

GAscrappnGramma said...

My lucky # is 20 but I was married on the 11th day of the 11th month on our 11 year anniversary of being together. Thant being said and the fact that you have the love struck cart as part of the candy I better go with my luv. So my final answer is 11 and I can be reached @ marmar20@aol.com Thank you for the opportunity to win the blog candy. Good luck every one and I did want to say I think your winner lottery twist is pretty cool and creative.

Ladybug said...

Hey there Audrey. I could've sworn I left a number on your blog candy post, but I don't see it. Was there another post? Anyway, I had chosen the number 62.

Wow, you only need 7 more followers to reach your 100! WTG!! :-)

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

93 so close. I choose number 7

Melissa S said...

36 is my vote!! Thanks for the chance at the great candy. 93 followers and counting!


- - Sheryl - - said...

Good luck - I already voted - I am also on a journey to 100... and a give-a-way - we both seem to be stuck in the 90's hee hee
Good luck!!!!

Leirad said...

Hi Audrey! Thanks for offering such a nice RAK and for always leaving nice comments on my blog.

alicebrown said...

6 more to go audrey..... not long before you will have the magic number of 100!!!!!
alice at alicebrowncreations.blogspot.com/

jers52 said...


would be awesome to get this candy. I believe I might be follower 94, or 95 . I would share the results from receiving this with some crafty friends and we would post our results.
Your blog is an inspiration plus love the Kenny G!!!

Fern said...

You only have 3 more to go...
Great blog candy, Audrey!!



Lee Ann said...

You are very close to your 100 followers now! I have really enjoyed exploring your blog! I guess to vote I need to pick a number... I will pick number 45.

craftymamma said...

i hope this is the right place to vote!!!

i vote lucky 13!!

Brenda said...

gosh I do hope I am doing this right....I still am confused but I guess my number is 20.