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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Good evening, friends!  Hope you all had a pleasant day!  It's been rainy and gloomy here all day, so I enjoyed the day working on this "Kisses" Box cut.file and doing some other miscellaneous crafting.

The "Kisses" Box cut.file can be found under the Post for the box.  A faster way to get to it than having to scroll is to go to the "ARCHIVE" on my side-bar (right-hand side of page), look for the box name "Kisses" Box, double-click on it and that will link you directly to the Post.  You will find the cut.file at the bottom of the Post.  Actually, now that I think about it, it may be faster to just scroll since I've so recently posted that box.

The boxes and the outer box cover are cut with George; the words "Kiss" is cut from the Love Struck cart; the words "I Love You" are cut from both Story Book and Plantin; and the heart embellies are cut from Plantin.

Also, before I go, I invited some friends from the mb to come join me and they did.  I'd like to welcome my new friends and followers!!!  I'm so happy to have you here, and hope you get comfortable and stay awhile!

I'll be seeing you!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

how sweet of you to share your .cut file.

Audrey Frelx said...

Thank you, Sandy! I really do love to share! And, I think every cut.file I do gets better! I'd never really did one until I started this blog, just played around with a few.

I'll be seeing you!

flowerdisco said...

Audrey...just stopping to say Hello. I haven't been around as usual. Hugs!

Lee Ann said...

Thank you for sharing the file for this! I can't wait to make one! Thank you also for leaving comments on my blog about my cards. I am having lots of fun following the 365 Cards challenge each day. Have a great day!

DonnaMundinger said...

Wow how cute and clever, Audrey! What a fabulous idea! xxD