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Friday, March 26, 2010


Hello, everyone.  Hope your Friday is winding down softly.

I am announcing a new feature coming to Cute and Some.  Beginning  April 12, 2010 and every following Monday, this blog will showcase two (2) participants creative and crafty projects.  The projects can be whatever you choose to make, however, the projects must be new and not have been posted prior to the Sunday evening before the showcase Monday.  Each participant will receive an award to place on your their blog that has been designed especially for them by either myself or another blogger. 
The purpose of this showcase is to feature projects to be seen by other bloggers and/or visitors and to give visable recognition for your work(s), to offer support, and to inspire other crafters.  If you are a new blogger, you may be particularly interested.  Additionally, your designed award will also give acknowledgment by being placed on your blog to the award designer.

Please note, this is not a challenge nor is it a contest.  It is only a means of having somewhere else to show  your projects and get recognized/awarded just for your participation.  Hopefully, it will also draw more attention to our blogsites and promote visitors (hits) and following.  If you are interested in being a participant and/or award designer, please leave a comment under this post.
Once the showcases begin, participants will be notified and will be required to link to their project URL.  I am currently looking into a source for you to be able to do this and, as "Mr. Linky" seems to be pretty popular, this is one of the first options I'm looking at.  Once commited to a source, you will be able to sign on for entry on my sidebar at the designated source.  I will let you know.

This is just a start of what I hope will be something  "special".  Although all of the details are still being considered and all the wrinkles ironed out, I think there are more than a few of you who would like to get going on this. Therefore, until a link source has been established, again, if you're interested please leave your comment including your participation as either a showcase contributor or award designer.

Finally, although the showcases will be sponsored here, I am considering this a group effort; so if I don't hear from you, I'll be getting in touch with some of you for whatever input I can get.  If you have any comments and/or suggestions, they will be welcomed and considered.  I will keep you informed of all refined details and specifics.

I hope these showcases will be fun experiences as well as encouraging and supportive.  And, thank you!

I'll be seeing you!


Gail said...

Such a nice idea. Maybe in a few months I will be good enough to be a guest designer on your blog. Will you be having a different theme weekly? I am always at a loss for special occASION CARDS LIKE MOTHERS dAY, fATHERS dAY, Easter, sympathy, cakes, birthday.I cannot wait for you to get started.When I get really good and can put in a bid for a designer I would like to feature Forever young cartridge. I am always thinking loud. I wish you luck.
Gail at stkitts scrapper.

flowerdisco said...

of course you can count me in my friend. just let me know what you want me to do. No award designer since I lack computer thingys (lol) but anything else I am here for you.
Thanks for all the love and foe being happy for me.
Love you too.

Lori Apgar said...

Sounds interesting!! I am focusing on catching my son's album up to date. I am out of order and have only Christmas left to scrap - I always take too many photos during the holidays!!

When I clear my plate, I will get to designing!!!

Audrey Frelx said...
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Audrey Frelx said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Audrey Frelx said...

Thank you, my friends!!!

Gail: I'm just happy for you to do something. You can do whatever you'd like. You do amazing creations with the Forever Young cart, so that would be wonderful!!!

Flowerdisco: Love ya back!!! I know I can count on you!

Lori: of course, take of getting that album done for your son. Whenever you're ready is okay. Again, I'm just happy I have wonderful friends like you in my corner. I hope this will be fun and benefit us all!!!

paperscissors said...

this does sound like fun...i will participate by commenting on the designers creations!!! i agree that it be open to whatever someone wants to post so that they are showcasing their best talents and not confine it to a particular theme or style! i am off to check out gail's designs!