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Monday, March 8, 2010


Happy Monday, everyone!!!  I do hope you are all starting your week out on your "good" foot!

We do have a contest winner!!!  Congratulations to Leirad of http://leiradcardmakingcorner.blogspot.com/
Leirad came on with the correct answer at 7: 53 on Sunday evening, March 7.  Leirad, I hope you enjoy your compact, and if you decide to decorate it, please let me see what you've done with it.

I am also sending a runner-up consolation prize, to Melissa of http://playingwithpaper.blogspot.com/ who also provided the correct answer at 8:29 p.m.  Melissa, I'll be sending you a purchased mini notebook/pen set (yes, you'll be able to decorate it yourself).

The question to the riddle was "...what happened to the other dollar?"  The "clear and specific" answer I was looking for that Leirad and Melissa provided was "there was no other dollar". 

 Miller6 who logged in at 11:39 am. on today's date provided an accurate and detailed explanation, and it was the only one which included the fact that the "other dollar" would have made the initial cost of the room $31.  However, .Miller6 did admit to cheating by finding the answer on the internet (clever-clever but naughty-naughty).  But, thanks for hopefully making it clear to everyone.

Leirad and Shari, please email me an address where I can send your prizes.  You can leave just your address in a comment under this post comment (I will not publish them), or you can go to the mb and leave it for me there.  Again, congratulations!!!

Thank you all for playing with me; I hope you had fun, I sure did.  Now, keep watching because I'm not done yet... more to come!!!  You just don't know when...

I'll be seeing you1


Melissa S said...

I sent you a message on the Cricut MB with my addy in it. Thanks so much Audrey!!!


Congrats to the winners! I am friends with Leirad and will let her know! I did not see your contest because everytime I get on it does not show past January? Barb

Sandy from Ukiah said...

congrats to the winners.

Leirad said...

Oh WOW, I can't believe I won. Thanks for the giveaway!!! I will send you my address.