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Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Mirror, Mirror Inside Out"

Good Sunday, all!!!  Well, our weekend is winding down and so I am.  I've had a busy weekend with a lot of going here and there to do.  So, now I can tone things down, take my time, do some crafting, and work on getting the showcase feature off to a start.

Ohhh!  I see I've got a new follower!!!  Well, hello and welcome!!!  I'm so glad to see you and I hope you get very comfortable here and stay awhile.  I do love company!

Before I get started, some years ago a friend brought me a huge framed wall mirror that she'd found at a flea market for $3.  The mirrow was beautiful but the frame had some nicks and scratches.  So I took the mirror and antiqued the frame by lightly sanding, beating and applying a gold metallic finish to it (wish I'd taken a picture).  I then went to work on removing some of the backing from the mirror and placed a 10" x 12"  picture of her and her hubby's wedding photo behind it -- it came out gorgeous!!!

Well, I found a plain mirror I think I used once or twice on my dinner table to reflect candle lights, and I decided I would tinker with doing something with it with a copy of a special event picture of the hubby and myself; eventhough it wasn't a wall framed mirror.  I have to tell you, the back of a mirror is darn near impossible to remove and takes almost forever.  Anyway, it isn't nearly as nice as the one I did for my friend, and I wouldn't call it gorgeous, but it'll look okay to sit on my mantle -- for sure, it's different!

The picture is actually behind the mirror and looks like it's coming through it; that's why I'm calling it "inside out".  Don't even ask me how I came up with this one because God only knows.  Let me know what you think!!!  Mirrors are really hard to take pictures of so please excuse if it looks dull looking, I put a cloth in front of it to keep it from reflecting everything in front of it, so it wouldn't lose a mirror effect.

Of course I used my cricut to do the etching, and the blinged embellishments are vinyl and paper flowers.

Well, that's it for now...

I'll be seeing you!


shari said...

Audrey, This is so pretty! It is amazing how you come up with these things. Shari (cricutrookie)

Lee Ann said...

This is just beautiful! You are so creative!! I love checking out your blog!!!

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh WOW Audrey! How creative! Sure wish I could see this in person. I'll bet it's spectacular! xxD

Audrey Frelx said...

Thank you, guys! I truly appreciate your comments.

I really wish I'd taken a picture of the first one I did for my friend about 20 years ago, I think it was one of the best things I've ever done. About 3 years later, she moved to California and over the years we've -- sadly --kind of lost touch! I hate that!!! I still love her so much, she was a great person!

Fern said...

You are just amazing, Audrey!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMWord this is so unique and absolutely gorgeous!!! XXXXX

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh my this is so beautiful.. you do such awesome work.

Audrey Frelx said...

I love you guys!!! I really do!

- - Sheryl - - said...
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Love That Bug said...

You have done it again girlfriend!!
Does your brain ever stop working? I truly love this. Sad to hear you & your friend lost touch, that does happen when people move, but you will always have her as a memory every time you look at your great mirror.
Very well done!

flowerdisco said...

Audrey, like I said last night on the MB: you never stop to surprise me, wow...you are full of creativity.
On another note here: I would love to help you out and I feel so honored you asked me to be in your team. I am here to help you girlfriend. Let me know whenever you are ready and what you want me to do.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

This has a very interesting effect... I like it... so unique.

Susan said...

This is such a wonderful project! I love to read your blog. It feels as if I'm sitting down for a cup of tea with an old friend. I'm intrigued by your showcase - what a special idea. I'll have to come up with something for that. What fun!