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Of course, I love to visit and be inspired also. So if I don't already drop in on you, please let me know where I can find you and I'll hop on over to see what you're doing or to just say "hi".

Before you go, I would love it if you'd please leave me a comment letting me know you dropped in! Actually, I'd just love to hear from you -- comments, opinions, or questions you'd like me to answer.

In the meantime, relax and make yourselves at home... you're family here!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hi, again, guys!  I am feeling so much better now.  Wouldn't it be just like you to know what to say, and then along comes one that happens to do something unexpected at just the right time?  Well, my dear sweet friend,  Fern, passed this beautiful award on to me and it warmed my heart.  Click on Fern's name, which is a direct link to her beautiful blog, she is amazing and you will be awed!!!

Fern, thank you so much. 

Now I must pass it on to 12 others:

1.   Cheryl
2.   Cindy
4.   Leirad
5.   Alice
6.   Stacy
8.   Kristina
9.   Sammibug
10. Susan
11.  Stacey
12.  All of my wonderful friends who want to grab this award

Please visit these wonderful blogs, you'll be welcomed and inspired!
Thank you all for making me feel so much better (and Buster thanks you too)!

I'll be seeing you!


Hello, and happy Tuesday, everyone.  Hope all's well!

I wanted to drop in to say "hi" and to give you a little update, in the event you may have wondered where I am.  I had planned on doing some crafting and getting a post in yesterday, however, earlier yesterday Buster and I stopped by my aunt's for a quick visit where Buster managed to eat some rat poison that my aunt had forgotten she'd put down.  Well, fortunately, she remembered in time for me to rush Buster immediately to his vet.  Other than being "annoyed" with having to take some nasty medicine which made him regurgitate (I'm being nice, I could have said vomit -- LOL!)   he seems to be okay, running around being his normal spoiled self; but, however, I think I'm still shaken behind the incidence.  Anyway, the doc gave him some additional meds I'm giving him, and he hasn't missed a beat at just being his typical self -- Buster!

My poor aunt was so upset with what had happened, it really has taken a lot to get her comforted and settled down too!  It's just amazing how much thesee "little ones" love and depend on us, and what we'll go through for them.  I mean I turned into speed racer to get my baby to that vet!  Thank God, he's okay and that's over.  The doc assured me he'll be just fine.  I don't think my poor aunt will ever put poison down again!  For anything!

Anyway, I'm not awol, between keeping an eye on Buster's behavior (still not all that comfortable regardless what the doc said), I have been working on something you will know about very soon.  And, I've also tried to visit most of you and be brightened, and inspired, by your projects -- I really needed that this afternoon.  If I haven't gotten around to you yet, I will...

I'll be seeing you!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Mirror, Mirror Inside Out"

Good Sunday, all!!!  Well, our weekend is winding down and so I am.  I've had a busy weekend with a lot of going here and there to do.  So, now I can tone things down, take my time, do some crafting, and work on getting the showcase feature off to a start.

Ohhh!  I see I've got a new follower!!!  Well, hello and welcome!!!  I'm so glad to see you and I hope you get very comfortable here and stay awhile.  I do love company!

Before I get started, some years ago a friend brought me a huge framed wall mirror that she'd found at a flea market for $3.  The mirrow was beautiful but the frame had some nicks and scratches.  So I took the mirror and antiqued the frame by lightly sanding, beating and applying a gold metallic finish to it (wish I'd taken a picture).  I then went to work on removing some of the backing from the mirror and placed a 10" x 12"  picture of her and her hubby's wedding photo behind it -- it came out gorgeous!!!

Well, I found a plain mirror I think I used once or twice on my dinner table to reflect candle lights, and I decided I would tinker with doing something with it with a copy of a special event picture of the hubby and myself; eventhough it wasn't a wall framed mirror.  I have to tell you, the back of a mirror is darn near impossible to remove and takes almost forever.  Anyway, it isn't nearly as nice as the one I did for my friend, and I wouldn't call it gorgeous, but it'll look okay to sit on my mantle -- for sure, it's different!

The picture is actually behind the mirror and looks like it's coming through it; that's why I'm calling it "inside out".  Don't even ask me how I came up with this one because God only knows.  Let me know what you think!!!  Mirrors are really hard to take pictures of so please excuse if it looks dull looking, I put a cloth in front of it to keep it from reflecting everything in front of it, so it wouldn't lose a mirror effect.

Of course I used my cricut to do the etching, and the blinged embellishments are vinyl and paper flowers.

Well, that's it for now...

I'll be seeing you!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Hello, everyone.  Hope your Friday is winding down softly.

I am announcing a new feature coming to Cute and Some.  Beginning  April 12, 2010 and every following Monday, this blog will showcase two (2) participants creative and crafty projects.  The projects can be whatever you choose to make, however, the projects must be new and not have been posted prior to the Sunday evening before the showcase Monday.  Each participant will receive an award to place on your their blog that has been designed especially for them by either myself or another blogger. 
The purpose of this showcase is to feature projects to be seen by other bloggers and/or visitors and to give visable recognition for your work(s), to offer support, and to inspire other crafters.  If you are a new blogger, you may be particularly interested.  Additionally, your designed award will also give acknowledgment by being placed on your blog to the award designer.

Please note, this is not a challenge nor is it a contest.  It is only a means of having somewhere else to show  your projects and get recognized/awarded just for your participation.  Hopefully, it will also draw more attention to our blogsites and promote visitors (hits) and following.  If you are interested in being a participant and/or award designer, please leave a comment under this post.
Once the showcases begin, participants will be notified and will be required to link to their project URL.  I am currently looking into a source for you to be able to do this and, as "Mr. Linky" seems to be pretty popular, this is one of the first options I'm looking at.  Once commited to a source, you will be able to sign on for entry on my sidebar at the designated source.  I will let you know.

This is just a start of what I hope will be something  "special".  Although all of the details are still being considered and all the wrinkles ironed out, I think there are more than a few of you who would like to get going on this. Therefore, until a link source has been established, again, if you're interested please leave your comment including your participation as either a showcase contributor or award designer.

Finally, although the showcases will be sponsored here, I am considering this a group effort; so if I don't hear from you, I'll be getting in touch with some of you for whatever input I can get.  If you have any comments and/or suggestions, they will be welcomed and considered.  I will keep you informed of all refined details and specifics.

I hope these showcases will be fun experiences as well as encouraging and supportive.  And, thank you!

I'll be seeing you!


Good Friday to you my wonderful friends!  Are you all ready for the weekend?  Well, I am, and I'm hoping it'll be a wonderful weekend for us all!!!

This little box did not come out at all as I expected it to; the cut.file did but I didn't have a clue how I was going to embellish and decorate it.  I knew what I was going to use it for and kind of just went with the flow.  I don't think I'm totally disappointed but I am still trying to figure out just what I think of it.  Anyway, I'm going to call it a "side-by-side girly box".  I filled this one with a few girly things; however, you can decorate and use yours any way and/or to hold anything you'd like.  The cut.file can be found at the end of this post.
This box will be my second submission to the Wednesday challenge over at Cricutters Anonomous, formerly known as Just Buggin'.  I think I'm going to have to find more challenges to participate in because  I'm enjoying doing it and it makes me think.  Although I'm not too pleased with the outcome, I'm entering it because that's what I designed it for.  Next time I'll just give more thought to my project before just rushing in to complete it.

I used the George cart for the box and the Forever Young cart for the perfume bottle and the sunglasses.  The box is cut on a sheet of 12'' x 12' paper, it is a one-piece single cut, and the paper I used is from the DCWC Luxury Stack.  I love the satin look of this paper, and thought it was very feminine for this box with the lace and beads.

Because I haven't made up my mind about this box, please give me your honest opinion.  I trust you guys!  IAnd, if you use the cut file, I'd really like to see what you did with it, okay?  Thanks! 

I think this box has so many possibilities.

Hugs, and I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hello, friends.  Hope all's well for you this Thursday!

This is going to be a quick tutorial for those of you who asked how to make the bunny baskets.  First let me apologize, as I mentioned in the post for the baskets, the loopy chenille is extremely hard for me to find and I had just enough supplies that I needed to complete my bunnys; therefore, for this tutorial I will be using left-over loopy which is red and a piece of blue from the project I posted for the baskets.  I know these aren't appealing colors but it's all I have and the only reason I have this is because  it was extra from a red and white bunny basket for Valentine's Day a friend asked me to do, so it'll have to suffix for this tutorial.

What you will need:
1. Any round round basket, plastic bowl, or box ( the container size determines bunny size)
2. Giant Loopy Chenille (about 3 pks for a small basket; 5-6 pks for a medium, and about 6 - 8 for a large)
3.  One (1) contrasting color Giant Loopy Chenille for inside of ears and paws
4.  Plastic eyes
5.  Pom-poms (small and medium) and 1 large pom pom for the tail
6.  About 1/4 yard thin wire or wired thread for the whiskers
7.  Small music box (if desired, but optional)
8.  Lots of glue sticks (I mean lots)
9.  One styrofoam ball cut in half (medium size for small and medium size bunny and large for large bunny)

Determine the colors of loopy you'll be using.  Loopy comes in a package of 3 yards:

1.  First measure the length of one of the bunny paws according to the size container you are using (you can refer to my basket post for an idea); next double the length of loopy for one (1) paw and cut it; next, cut 3 more lengths of loopy this same length.  These four lengths of loopy will be used for the outer 4 paws.  Put them aside.

2.  Now cut 4 lengths of loopy one-half the length of the first four lengths in the contrasting color.  These will be the paw inserts

3.  Take one the outer paw lengths of loopy and fold in half; next place the contrasting color on the inside:

4.  Glue the insert loopy strip to the inside of the outer loopy piece.  It will look like this:

Put this paw to the side and continue to do the other 3 remaining paws in the same manner.

5.  Next take your round container and starting from the bottom of the container starting wrapping and gluing the loopy around the container keeping the loopy rows straight and close together as you cover the container; just wrap around and glue as you go like this:

This will be the body of the bunny.  Put the covered container aside.

6.  Take the half ball of styrofoam and beginning from the center start wrapping the loopy around the top of the ball until it is covered.  I don't have another styrofoam ball left either so I'll demonstrate on this plate round:

Keep wrapping around until the top of the ball is covered.  After covering the front of the ball, do the same to the back.  This will be the bunny's head.  Always remember to keep your rows of loopy straight and close together.

7.  Now determine the length you'd like your bunny's ears to be according to the size of the head; next cut 2 double lengths of loopy and 2 half lengths of loopy for the inserts, and glue just as you did with the paws.  Put aside.

8.  Now you have the head, body, paws, and ears.  Using the bunnys I posted as an example, glue the body parts together.  If you add a music box,  glue it between the 2 front paws at the base of the container front and cover with a larger pom-pom as the bunny tail (be careful to glue around the edge of the music box only -- not directly on the box, otherwise it won't play)  Now when you cover it with the tail and press the tail it activates the music box to play.

9.  Add the plastic eyes, and use the pom-poms for the nose and toe pads on the paws; tuck the wire whiskers in place beneath the nose with small dabs of glue.

10.  Dress your bunny up and decorate as you wish!!!

If you need any more help, please let me know but, although it looks complicated, it's really very easy.  If you find loopy to complete this project, I'd sure love to see what you did with it -- PLEASE!

I'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well, I'm back again!!!  I've been passed on another Ms. Brightside" award.  It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!!  I'm just elated to be thought of!

My friend, and a very generous and sharing lady, Cindy McVey of  http://crazy4crafting.blogspot.com/ passed this award on to me.  I may be assuming we all know Cindy because "I" admire her so that everybody knows and admires her too; however, if you don't know her you should.  Her blog is really a must-see!  If there's anything new to learn, Cindy is the person whose blog you should visit.  Thank you, Cindy!

Now, as I commented to Cindy, I'm not accustomed to thinking about "me" so much as to be able to easily list all these things about myself, and this has really required a great deal of thought on my part to sort through things about myself -- ummm...  So, if I repeat anything I've already said please excuse me, I guess I'm just not as in tune with "me" as I should be.  I may even tack on something I said earlier; I mean, I've really had to rack my brain to come up with things about me to share with you-- isn't that pitiful?

About Me:
1.   I always, always give love and thanks to God first!
2.   Love for self would be next
3.   Family and ALLLLLLLL my many friends would be next on the list
4.   I love to talk but I'm told I'm really a great listener too
5.   I always try to be kind and respectful to everyone
6.   I buy almost every craft gadget/tool available but only use a few of them
7.   Same with shoes -- closets full of them; can't wear most of them because my not-so-good back doesn't
       like heels and I have bad feet!  LOL!  So I just look at them!  Yes!  I have a shoe fetish!
8.    I'm very good at keeping myself company when no one is around and just silly enough to easily keep
       myself entertained
9.    I just have to say it again, I love my crafting and I love blogging
10.  I love giving and (mostly) receiving love

Triva Things:
1.  My family is from all parts of Louisiana so I love-love cajun food, and yes I eat alligator
2.  I love the televison series "Monk" and I record every series
3.  As much as I love my little "fur baby", Buster, I hate having to clean up his poop in public (or any time)
4.  I subconsciously hum almost all the time (which drives a couple of friends nuts because I get stuck on
     whatever was the last song I heard; over and over and over again -- lol!)
5.  And I know I said this before but  laughing is one of my favorite things to do -- it's like medicine to me!

If I had to come up with one more thing, I don't think I could!

Now to pass it onto some older and newer blogger friends:

1.  Shelley of http://coggiecrafts.blogspot.com/   I just met Shelley recently on the mb and I absolute fell in love with some of the adorable outfits she sews for her grandchildren.  She's also a great crafter working at building up her blog.  Please show her some love.

2.  Stacey of http://gluedtomycrafts.blogspot.com/  Stacey is another new friend and you have to see some of her beautiful jewelry she makes. 

3.  Helen of http://atasteofdcdoll.blogspot.com/  A very talented crafter!  She makes some of the cutest projects.

4.  Lori of http://scrappinmystressaway/  Lori always leaves me such encouraging and supportive comments and I can't remember since I've been blogging when she wasn't here urging me on.

5. Brigit (Brigit Scraps) of http://irishmist59.blogspot.com/  Brigit is a sweetheart with a beautiful blog who also encourages me with such kind comments.

Well, that's it for now!  So, I'll be seeing you!


It's me again, guys!  Here my mind goes again tornado-ing!!!  I was trying to think of creative ways to keep my all followers occupied and interested so as not to become bored; somewhere in all those thoughts (lol!)  I ended up thinking how nice it would be to have a weekly showcase -- but something a bit different! 

Here's are my thoughts: you would post one of your projects every week-- sort of like a designer week -- here on my blog (of course we'll have to determine and limit the contributors each week).  It wouldn't be a challenge of any sort, just somewhere else to show your projects so others who may not otherwise visit your blog and do visit mine will get an opportunity to see your creativity here.   I know other bloggers are doing somthing similar with having guest designers but why not have an actual  and very special crafted award to show/post to your blog for your efforts--  just for showcasing them!  So the twist here would be each project contributor would be awarded a "Showcase Contributor" award to post on their blog which I,or if you'd like, each of you (group participation) could design to award to a showcase contributor.  Our designed awards to the contributor would be credited to the designer of the award; therefore, once the awardee(s) posts their award(s), you're being acknowledged also on someone elses blog.

I know a lot of us have a quite a few lurkers and nothing can "peak" and interest and/or beats word-of-mouth than if we're doing something different and innovative.  Maybe even draw these "outside" friends in.  Besides I love fun and I think this would be loads of fun!!!  I think it might just be an attention-getter too!

I welcome and would appreciate any thoughts and/or suggestions!  I look forward to your help because I'd  want everybody to be involved, to be a part of this!  I would like to see this be "our" thing!

Let me know your thoughts!

I'll be seeing you!


Good Wednesday to you all!  I hope you had a peaceful and restful night, and beginning a new and beautiful day!

The card I made that I want to share today is an oldie but, to me, a goodie.  Actually, it's the card I wanted to post yesterday but, as I mentioned, the stickles take a while to dry.  I haven't seen them around for a while but they were quite popular several years ago; you would go into little boutique stores, bookstores or small card shops and see them on separate displays.  Do you remember them?

Card Front

Inside Card

I remember when I first saw these pop-ups I thought they were neatest cards I'd ever seen!  And now they seem to have just disappeared.  Well, I still think they're pretty cool!  And, I still enjoy making them!

The inside pop-up insert of the card is made up of several different folds on an 8" x 8" sheet of paper.  The stars I cut out using the George font and the lettering I cut from Storybook.

I hope you like it!

I'll be seeing you!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Good evening, my friends!!!

Wow, what a day!!!  I was hoping to have a project to post today, however, I got all caught up and excited over winning the first thing I can remember winning!!!  You really could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw the email that I'd won!  I did complete a card but, of course, it takes Stickles forever and a couple of days -- lol! -- to dry and I'd gotten off to a late start!   I also wanted to catch up on some visiting, so I managed to say hello to some of you and leave some comments.

Here and there throughout the day, I did get a start on some cut.files I've wanted to begin on and I started getting the pictures together for a short tutorial on the musical bunny basket for those of you who asked.  So, hopefully, in the next several days I'll have something of interest for you.

In addition to the above, I don't know whether you noticed but I did post the cut.file for the flip-top tissue box for the car.  You can find it under the posting.  As a note, I was able to put velcro on the back of the box and attach it to my dashboard but unless you place it where there's open room in the back of the top for the lid to flip back,  you won't be able to open the box (if it's laying flat against the dashboard).  The other alternative, which was my first thought, is to put the velcro on the bottom of the box and sit it on top of the dashboard. Although I did tweak this box from the original I made, I did not cut it.  You shouldn't have a problem but if you do, please let me know.

So, until tomorrow (?).  Sweet dreams and...

I'll be seeing you!


Happy Tuesday to you, happy Tuesday to me!!!  Hope you're all feeling FANTASTIC!!!

I can't believe I actually won Lee Ann's blog candy.  Honestly, I NEVER win anything, I just like to be included in playing along -- but I must say it does feel wonderful!!!  And, I have some delicious candy to boot!!!  This is like hitting a lotto to me!!!  My only hope was to (hopefully) send some attention in her direction from my end; so we both ended up winners!!!

I also congratulate Lee Ann on getting all her followers and some extra.  As I commented to her, I'm sure this is just a beginning for her!  I'm sure we're all happy for her!

I'll be seeing you!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Well, I thought I was through posting for this evening, but I happened to look over and see new followers.  I couldn't pretent "not" to see them because I'm so happy for them to be here!!!  And, I wanted to welcome them and say "thank you" for following me.  I hope you make yourselves comfortable and come back often.  I just LOVE company!!!  Also, if you're bloggers, I'll be visiting with you soon too!

Great having you here!  And,...

I'll be seeing you!


Here I am again -- Ms. Excited!!!  Why?  Because I've got awards!

I just received two (2) awards.  This one, the "Ms Brightside" award is from my dear friend Fern at Fern's creations at http://texasstampinmamaw.blogspot.com.  Fern does some of the most amazing layouts and you just have to see them to believe them.  Please visit her .

I will pass this award on to:

5.  Deborah of In My Spare Time @ http://deborahsparetime.blogspot.com/

Another dear lady is Sheila of http://shesasassylady.blogspot.com/ who passed me along the "Sweet Blogger" award.  Sheila also does unbelievably fabulous creations and layouts; again, you just have to see, so make sure you visit.

I will pass this award on to:

These ten (10) awards have been passed on to some new friends and some older friends.  I wish I could pass one on to everyone because your all my friends, and you're all my favorites!!!  I love visiting each and every one of you! ( But I always say if you want one, grab it for your blog from me to you.)

Thanks, Fern and Sheila!  I feel so honored that you thought of me.  And, if EVERYONE hasn't visited your blogs already, they just don't know what they're missing!!!

Now I have to list ten (10) things that make me happy and five (5) trivia things, however, I am going to combine these awards to avoid having to list 20 happy things and 10 trivia things - phew!!!  So let me see...

Happy Things:
1.   God's Blessings
2.   My wonderful hubby
3.   My dear son (who'll come whenever I want him, for any/no reason, even when he might not feel like it!
4.   Gatherings with family and/or friends
5.   Buster - who's a real character!!!
6.   Doing something to make someone else happy
7.   Craft shopping
8.   Crafting
9.   Blogging
10. Just waking up every morning

Trivia Things:
1.  Being a kid at heart
2.  Pleasantly surprising family/friends without them knowing it was me -- SOOOO FUN!
3.  I am extremely ticklish
4.  I play piano but I don't much enjoy it!  (Took music for 8 years)
5.  Gratreful that my grandfather who was a minister, lived long enough to marry me to the man of my dreams

Okay, I think that just about does it!  So,...

I'll be seeing you!!!


Good Monday afternoon!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend; I certainly did.  I spent some much needed time with Buster, time with the hubby, and the 3 of us spent a wonderful Friday evening over at my son's.  We ended the evening there watching what I thought was a horrible movie, "2014".  I don't like sad movies!!!  If you've seen it let me know what you think of it.

Anyway, I've just entered the "Just Buggin' " challenge.  My man-project for the challenge is a flask box and matching card.  It's pretty simple, but I thought it would be fun to enter anyway.  Hopefully, I've finally made it in time to even enter a challenge.  Those that I've considered before I was always too late for when I found them.

As for my flask box,I wanted to fill it with beer nuts but didn't have any, so I used pecans instead -- lol!  Hey, there still nuts, right?!!!.  Anyway, I got the idea for the flask from walking around my hubby's things to check out some of his "man" things;  when I went into the basement, I checked around his bar -- low and behold he had a personalized flask sitting right up there on the shelve!  I thought "perfect!".  Here's my project:

This is a picture of the flask box and card open:

I constructed the box by cutting the rectangles and ovals from the George cart and basically putting it together by hand.  The skull and cross bones is from the Indie Art cart, and the words are cut from Plantin.

I found "Just Buggin'" blogspot through my friend Sheryl's blog.  Sheryl is a great crafter and you should visit her when you have a chance at http://sherylscraftingcorner.blogspot.com/.    Anyway, I just happened to blog-hop on over to "Just Buggin'" and saw they had this challenge and decided to take up the challenge -- I hardly ever think of doing something for a man (unless it's the hubby) so I decided it might be kind of fun and took on the challenge of doing something for a guy!  If you'd haven't been to this site before it's at http://justbugginchallenges.blogspot.com/  You might want to check out some of their Wednesday challenges.

It was fun to do!!!  And, it'll make me aware of being a bit more considerate and thoughtful of the guys!!!  Plus, I now have a gift for a man when an occassion arises!

I'll be seeing you!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well, happy Saturday!!!  And, I truly hope the weather where you are is much grander than it is here!  Today, the temp is in the 30's and there's a rain/snow mix.  Good golly, Ms. Molly!!!! Yesterday, it was 65 degress, and bright and sunny-shiny!  I'll be so glad when Spring is here to stick around for a while.  But's it's a great day for crafting!!!

I want to share with you today a couple of cute little guys I made for Easter.  One is for little Buster (the blue one, of course!  I'll fill it with all his favorite treats) and the other will be to sit on my table filled with goodies for guests.

I used to make these every year for Easter but over the last several years it has become extremely difficult to find the material used to make it, which is called loopy chenille.  I usually have to order it now that I can't find it in the stores but then the suppliers don't always have the pastel colors; they have red, black, etc -- not too cute for this particular basket.  The only upside to not be able to make them as much now is that I don't have burned fingers from the glue gun like I used to.  These baskets require almost a whole package for just one basket -- uuurgh!!!  And, you can't escape getting burned!  But, they're pretty easy to make.

The baskets are plain Easter baskets and I cut the handles off.  I then cover the basket with the loopy chenille and place a musical box under the tail before attaching it.  Buster's music box plays "Peter-Peter Cotton Tail" when you push the tail (there it is tucked between their little paws) and the other plays about 3 or 4 different Easter tunes.  The head is a styrofoam ball covered in loopy chenille and the whiskers are wire that you buy on a spool like thread.  The loopy chenille has wire in it, so for the ears, you just fold them up and glue them on!  And, because there's wire in the loopy chenille, you csn bend the ears however you like them!  The nose and the paw pads are pom-poms.  I hope you like them:

This one Buster's.  Of course he'll eat the treats and want to tear up the basket!!!

This one will be for my table:

It's so funny to me that every bunny basket I make seems to have his or her own personality!  Don't you think they're cute too?

Well, gotta go do more stuff...

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cute Little "Flip Top" Tissue Box For Your Car

Good evening, all you wonderful people!  I'm a bit late getting here this evening but "better late than never", right?  As it goes, I had another day of running aound to do this afternoon and tomorrow doesn't look much better; I have to take Buster to the vet for his annual check-up/shots and to get him groomed.

Anyway, I do  have something to share before I start to retire for the evening.  If any of you are like me, you buy tissues to put in your car; however,just when you need them, they're on the floor, under the seat, behind the seat or just somewhere not easily accessible.  Also, if you're like me (and I hope you're not) I can't drive and search the car for tissues, so I'm hoping this will help me and, hopefully, you too.  I made myself this little "flip top" tissue box!  I'll pop some velcro on the bottom attach it someplace on my dashboard.  Or, you put velcro on the back and attach it to your visor -- that's a thought!  But now, I'll always have my tissues on hand!  What I really like is that it's not quite disposable, at least for a while; you can just buy some more tissue, pop them in the box and your ready, set to go!

Here is the tissue box closed:

Here it is open:

I cut up a layer of one of the tissues and used it to decoupage the box so that it wouldn't look so plain for you -- but of course you know I didn't wait to let it dry before I took the pictures.  I really wasn't trying to complete a completely finished product anyway because I'm still working on the cut.file and I know I'll do this box all over again;  but I thought it looked cute enough to introduce. 

If you like it,  I should have the cut.file ready for you in the next day or so, just watch for it to appear under "Available Cut.files" on my side bar, or look for it under this post.

I hope you like it!

I'll be seeing you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"GOD IS..." Unfolding Card

Good, happy Wednesday!!!  Hope you are all well!

Last night I was just sitting looking at a sheet of card stock I had folded into quarters to cut into 2 card blanks and as I was looking at the sheet an idea starting formulating in my head.  So, I cut up the middle of the cardstock to the center and started playing with folding it.  Well, wouldn't you know I came up with an idea I liked?!!!  It was for a very simple card but something (I think)  different -- and I do love different.  "God Is..." was the first thing that popped into my mind as I discovered I liked this particular fold, so I decided it would be either a sympathy card or another inspirational card.  I don't know why I had that specific thought, but I'm glad I did because I pretty much like how this card turned out and I feel the sentiment is perfect and would bring a smile to someone who is feeling a bit "under the weather".

I apologize that the pictures aren't very good but I just couldn't figure out how to get a good picture with the card being made on mirror cardstock.  No matter how I turned the card the mirror paper reflected as a mirror would and picked up some distorted images.

Here is the card:
This is the card open:

This is the card being unfolded:

I added a band on to keep the last page from opening and as an embellishment.  The frameon the band is where I plan to place my name as the giver of the card.  Here is the last "unfold" opening the last page(s) of the card:

The last page is a pop-up with a flower tucked inside.  And, like I said it's so simple -- one sheet of 8.50"x11" mirror cardstock, fold into quarters, cut down the middle fold to the center, fold, and wal-la!!!!!  I really like it and I hope you do too!

HEY!  It just dawned on me -- this is another "two for..."!!!  Two cards in one!!!

Well, off to do some run some errands and stuff, so I'll be back later!

I'll be seeing you!

P.S.  Helen and Sheila, I finally got your game RAK in the mail!  Please let me know once you receive it.  Thanks!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hey, again, guys!  I know I said I didn't like to cut anything by hand, and I probably really should have stayed away from that ebay website, but I saw this and I just couldn't resist it.  It's so darn cute!!!  I can just see filling it with candy or something fun as a gift!  Now all I have to do is wait to get it.  Help me keep my fingers crossed because I'm a bit nervous.  I have heard of people getting empty boxes or boxes stuffed with paper!  My friend told me ebay is pretty good about their sellers, so I certainly hope so!  I got this from the ebay website I mentioned in my last post at http://ebay.co.uk/  Apparently a lot of these templates go fast!

I hope I don't turn into an ebay stalker now!!!  My friend will probably not talk to me for a month now -- she's not much on sharing!!!  But, she knows how I am!!!  And if she's lurking here anywhere, here's what I've got to say... "I love you, but you know I'm telling the truth, so just get over it like you always do!"

I'll be seeing you!

Strappy Shoe and Bag Set

Happy Monday, all my friends.  And, welcome new followers.  Glad to be here with you all, and I hope you're all well and had a wonderful weekend.

You know when I got home yesterday, although it wasn't my original intent, I was going to sneak on and take a peek around, and say hello.  However, because I'd mentioned to the dear hubby (who knows me sooooo well!) that I was going to take a break that when I did get home I didn't have a keyboard to my desktop and my laptop had disappeared -- and so had the hubby!  He had hidden them and left because he knew I'd throw a tantrum!!!  His desktop and laptop are both password protected, so that eliminated my doing any visiting or anything else!!!  He said he did it because he knew my back really needed a break from sitting at my computer all day and that I -- yes, me -- was "hard-headed" and would never give myself a rest.  You see, several years ago I had back surgery, but I'm fine -- really!  But he's the worrying type.  Admittedly I was a bit tired, but don't you think that was my decision to make as to how long a break I needed?  He always tells me "everyday is Christmas" but apparently yesterday wasn't!  Anyway, I can never stay angry at him because he really is a big ole sweetie and always has my best interest at heart -- even when there isn't cause for alarm.  But I was really upset!!!  Now that I got my keyboard and laptop back, I can laugh about it.  Yep, I'm absolutely hooked on being a blogger -- move over Sandy!!!  LOL! 

What I'm sharing today is the second template I received from my friend.  This one is a  little strappy shoe.  The shoe is the template, I just quickly threw the purse together by hand.  Also, I was prepared for someone to ask where she bought these templates (and someone did), so I asked her.  The templates were purchased from http://ebay.co.uk/.  She says to type in "Cardmaking" in the search bar.   They have templates available for auction and some for immediate purchase, and she placed bids on both of these.  I'm not much of a fan for making on-line purchases from places and/or sellers I'm not familiar with but she's had really good luck with lots of things from ebay, so I think I might consider risking it.  By the way, before you make a purchase on this shoe template-- look around a bit.  I'm pretty sure I've seen it before on other blogs or somewhere on the web for free; don't know where because I wasn't much interested.  But, if you are, just look around first!  Besides, it's simple enough to do by hand as opposed to spending money for it.

Anyway, here's the set:

Another view:

I used an old pair of earrings for the embellishment and I do think it's cute.  I could really come up other ideas for designing it too, but the problem I have at the moment is what occassion I'd give or use this for -- suggestions, please!!!  Oh,well... I'll probably come up with something later.  Anyway, I've finally completed both her gifts and she'll be happy.

I am going to work on cut.files for both the gazebo card and this shoe, but it may be awhile because I have several other things I'm trying to get to first, and you may not want to wait.

Well, I'm off to finish Sunday dinner and then I think I'll hop on over to check out that ebay site too.

I'll be seeing you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


A final good evening post.

First I'd like to thank my friend, Helen, for so graciously accepting my apology.

Well, it seems I am not going to be able to peacefully retire to get some much needed rest until I share this card with you that I finished early this morning.  I tried to put it off, but I couldn't; I am too anxious for you to see it.  The card is 1 of 2 templates that a very good friend purchased for me as a Christmas present.  I just got around to doing it because I absolutely hate cutting, and this template was in pieces and had some intricute cuts (cricut has me spoiled), so this may possibly be the first and last time I do this card -- that is, until and/or unlessI can do a cut.file

The card is beautiful!!!  I added the flower and bush boxes, and embellished; however, the kit is pretty much complete with everything else needed (including a box which is also in pieces and I just didn't want to do any more cutting).   I did not complete the card because I have no idea what occassion I'm going to use it for and/or who to give it too.  Maybe I'll send it to you for the next game contest.  Would you like that?

I would like to thank my precious friend and I'm sure she'll be glad to know I finally got around to doing at least something on one of the templates (she's been asking every week since she gave it to me).  And, I didn't want her to think her gift wasn't appreciated.  It really is a beautiful card!

I'm going to show you several different views:

Well, I am really tired and hate to admit I desperately need some rest, so I probably won't be back with you until Monday..., but...

I will be seeing you!


Well, I'm very embarrassed to say I announced the wrong "Paperscissors" winner for the contest.  It appears I have two (2) followers referred to as "Paperscissors".  The correct winner is not Connie Jo but Helen of http://longlivescissorsandpaper.blogspot.com/ .  I have already apologized profusely to Helen for this confusion, and I apologize to Connie Jo for any confusion this may and/or may have caused her.  In the meantime, between us, we'll work on some way to resolve this issue to avoid it happening again.

Again, I hope both ladies accept my most humble apologies; I appreciate you both and your support, as well as the support of everyone following me!  And, I work hard to try to know each of you and to let you know I care, but I'm not too proud to admit I'm prone to mistakes.

Have a great day, all!



Happy weekend!!! I wish you a happy and crafty weekend!   I hope you were watching my blog closesly because I'm pulling another "lil" something out of my sleeve!  It's time for the next fun contest game!!!  Are you ready?...

At the bottom of my blog page, you will find a game very similar to "Kill the Butcher".  Click on it and the game will take you to the game site and start shortly.  To this game I have added eight words I have noted but that you must figure out.  The first person to leave me a post with all eight (8) correct words will automatically win.  However, if the game is still ongoing by the deadline, the candy will go to the person with the most correct answers at that time.

TO PLAY: Count the number of blank lines to determine how many letters are in the word; click on a letter of the alphabet to select it and continue until you get the right word; or until you select too many of the wrong letters and grandma gets captured by the alien.  NOTE:  The game  will not enter an incorrect selected letter on the blank line space and you'll need to make another selection.  When you click a correct letter it will be placed automatically in the position in which the word is spelled and will let you know when you have a correctly spelled word, and move on to the next.  Please remember to note/list your correct words -- you don't want to forget them!!!

RULES:   1)  Must be a follower -- NEW FOLLOWERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY -- and 2) must provide an address where your candy will be sent.  That's it!!!

DEADLINE:  Game will end at 5 p.m. (CT) on Saturday, March 20

Below is a picture of the blog candy which includes a flag book that I made for you, with additional matching papers you can use to decorate it and a set of birthday rub-ons.  I have left the cover and all the pages blank for you to design as you desire.  I have also pictured the flag book open.

You can click to enlarge the photos.

Have fun and enjoy!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Hello friends!  In advance, I'm wishing you all a happy weekend on this Friday!

As so many of you were interested in the "card/book?" project, and because I don't yet again feel like "fiddling" with trying to do a video, I am doing a tutorial for you.   Although it may seem like a lot of steps, once you complete the first card, you'll realize just how really simple and easy it really is.

I've outlined the score lines in ink so that you can easily see them:

1  Start with an 8.50"x8.50" sheet of paper
2. Score at 4.25' (half)
3.  Turn paper and score at 4.25" again; then score at 5" but only to the center score line; it will look like this:
4. Turn paper to look like the picture below

5.  Now, from the bottom score line (middle) cut up to the center score line; next, cut off bottom section to the right up to the 5' score line.  It will look like this:
6. Next, cut off the each end of the tab to look like the picture below (make certain you cut off enough from the inside tab near the triangular fold that there isn't any bulk when you close your card/book; if there is, cut off more from the inside tab)
7.  Take right inside edge of bottom left-side panel and fold up aligning the outer edges; next fold up the tab on the right side.  You'll have this:
8.  With tab and triangular fold going into the inside, fold the center score line to form the card:
9. Now, open the card and stand it up to look like this:

10. Next, lay the tab down flat; unfold the triangular section flap with outer edge laying of top of tab, and glue edge to flap

11.  Almost there!  Turn card upside down and gently push down on the score mark towards the inside of the card:
12.  Stand card back up and complete the other three (3) cards the same way.

13.  Take two (2) completed cards and put sides facing:

14.  Glue these sides together.  You now have a front and a side panel.
15.  Take the other 2 cards and glue them together in the same way for the back and side panel.
16.  Glue the front/side to the back/side and you now have the card/book?  Decorate as you'd like.

Suggestion:  To hold it together I've used a ribbon to tie it closed, but you can also use a belly band or any other preference you may have.  It's also best to decorate each card before gluing them together.

Easy, huh?

Hope you have fun with this!!!  Let me know how it comes out; Id really love to see what you do with it!  Oh, and please don't forget to let me know how I did on my first tutorial!!!

I'll be seeing you!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hello, everyone!  Is everyone as ready for springtime as I am?  It's a beautiful day here today, despite the lite drizzle it's almost 55 degrees, and when I walked Buster this morning I could smell and feel spring in the air -- so exciting!

The pouch for this little project I'm going to share is not at all new, I'm sure you've seen these little tuck and fold pouches.  Anyway, I was looking at what I call my "fudgies" which I make to look like white fudge covered cookies but are really soap covered loofahs I've cut into rounds (yes, another of my handmade toiletry items).  Anyway, I was wondering how to package them to give as gifts for whatever occassion that came up; and, I thought about these little pouches.  So, I popped in one of my "fudgies", made a little matching card and now I have a cute little set for when some occassion does come up.  I think it looks so cute!

Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon!

I'll be seeing you!